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I am Carlos Lontro,
an independent investor and portfolio manager with several years of experience in Forex markets and managing assets. I worked for several years with an Investment company and Corporate accounts. I write a blog on medium.com/@ESIRInvestors since 2016, manage social trading accounts since 2012, manage private equity since 2013, administrate the ESIR Investors Group and provide regular content about Forex-Macro-Crypto and personal growth and financial education. My main goal is to get people aware about investing every month and the importance of budgeting and living according to their means and have a plan of action to reach financial security/freedom.

- ESIR Investors focuses mainly on the mathematics of money management with macro global and position trading/investing with a scaling in and out strategy.
- This approach only focuses on longterm scalable growth and requires patient investors able to endure extended periods of Draw Downs.
- The Risk is managed with tight money management and limited effective leverage and an increasing diversification along with the portfolio growth.
- Committed Investors with an active investment plan will experience passive risk mitigation as they average invest along the years.
- Short term strategies based on strong technical patterns are also part of our toolbox.

- I blog and post regular updates while managing assets of Investors with an ESIR mindset. Only those that are willing to put on the work to budget and get all steps of ESIR (EARN-SAVE-INVEST-REPEAT) in action are welcome.

- I dont provide daily signals, I manage longterm exposure based on sentiment/forward guidance and macro data/outlook with diversification, scaling in and out of the bigger macro swings.

When did I start trading and what do I do to stay updated

Everything started in 2009 when I started monthly budgeting and saving a small steady amount. The most common investments at that time where stocks and I started trading a few stocks on demo and a few months after in real. I slowly got aware of Forex and I got really curious about the exchanges and why it fluctuated and why it went up or down. I had several friends from different countries with different currencies and this intrigued me a lot.

It was a long road, research, self learning, following traders, chatting with them, getting a mentor, more research and slowly accumulating knowledge. I switched from stocks to Forex as my passion grew to understand the fundamentals of the several economies in play. As every trader I had my losses until I finally understood that risk and money management is key. Learning and self improving turned into a constant pursuit, watching webinars, asking more questions, doing more research every day. I joined a Social trading platform and kept learning a lot and meeting new and experienced people. 
I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience trough all these years, but believing I can make any accurate market predictions is just funny. I rely on what works, mathematically and statistically. Volatility and money management are quite important. I have a longterm bias and manage my risk with the experience I have accumulated over these years understanding the fundamentals, technicals but mainly the sentiment of the market. I am not right all the time and not even close to being right most times, but I learned to read between the lines and looking at the bigger picture. It took me maybe 2-3 years to learn the most important thing about Forex. Letting go of greed and investing is basically all about maths and statistics. It takes a lot of discipline and  taking the right position size for your account. I was lucky to be able to work for an European Investment company and trading and managing over 2 million assets. My job was heavily focused on the money management and exposure/diversification. Of course I also keep up with technical trading and pattern trading but it can be quite erratic and I personally favor position and swing trading where fundamentals play a bigger role and overall exposure matters more than individual positions.
On a daily basis I research a lot, reading news, keeping up with macro global, I follow great analysts and read what they write about, I follow geopolitics and keep an eye on live charts and volatile scheduled events. I like to correlate the money flow and price action of several major pairs, safe havens and Indices. This helps to spot Risk ON/OFF, flight to save havens and sentiment shifts. Forward guidance and monetary policies of the central banks will always play a huge part in Forex as they have the power to suppress or stimulate their economies and respectful FIAT currency .
Many traders I know only trade a few hours a day and don't care about any news or fundamentals. They trade purely technical with very short Stop Losses and most end of the year making less than the average S&P500 performance. I have my trading style and it is scalable, however the rewards are not immediate, it takes time to grow and build up and earning the profits of the longer term swings. Scalability matters if you trade for the long run and seek a growing future passive income.
From all the information out there I filter all the noise from the daily moves and accept that volatility is just around the corner. A red candle or bad news will not turn a bullish market into a bearish market. Central bankers have the real power to move the markets, risk on/off and speculative investors have "some" power as well.
Check the articles on the main page when scrolling down where I share many of my insights and financial education I learned all these years in a few summarized articles.

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