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Our portfolios follow strict risk and money management rules. Here you can check an article about back testing and optimization I wrote.

Goals & Recommendations

1# - Minimum financial education about growing your financial security trough investing, adopting an ESIR mindset, (Earn, Save, Invest & Repeat), recommended articles here:
          - 1) The hidden truth! Why the wealth of 99% of the population is the same as the wealth of the top 1% of the population.
          - 2) The ESIR mindset. What is more important for you? Financial Independence or Displaying Status?
          - 3) Financial Freedom and the right question to ask!
          - 4) To gamble or to stop losing money​
          - 5) My most honest article so far — I don’t want you as an Investor…

2# - Adjust your lifestyle to your reality, reducing liabilities/expenses vs increasing assets/incomes/dividends.
3# - Improve your Monthly Budget and grow a small emergency fund 
to cover 2-6 months expenses before investing.
4# - Start saving on a regular basis, monthly/quarterly/bi-annually and
 keep investing over the years.
5# - Diversify & Protect your wealth increasing your financial security.

- Our goal is to grow the ESIR Investors Pamm Account with the ESIR Investors growing their participation share on all new profits with average investing and compounding growth over time.
- Investors who average invest over time on a regular basis will experience faster growth in the starting years, while their participation share on the new generated profits is gradually increasing and adjusted among all investors with every new investment made.
- Investors who stop average investing will gradually experience less profits on new executed positions over time 
against committed investors who keep increasing their participation on a regular basis. 
- If required, on re-balancing periods (to manage or adjust risk and diversification), these investors might experience slight drops on their balance due to higher participation on older positions compared to the participation of the new positions.

- Investors who need to withdraw funds will experience a decrease on new profits and in extreme cases endanger 
their remaining participation on the Fund.
Always contact us first and seek advice and notify us up front of any actions you might consider or are planning, specially regards unexpected withdrawals.
- The manager decided for a low-cost 10% Success Fee on High-Water Mark Levels, thus maximizing the compound 
growth for all Investors.
- A standard 2% Yearly Management Fee is considered for operating cost (VPS/hardware/security/resources/subscriptions/etc..).
  Register using this referral link http://track.lqdfx.com/?t=WxFydgpW and excess commissions will be used to grow a private ESIR Crypto Investors portfolio with a correlated participation from those commissions.
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