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Investing in the ESIR Investors Pamm account will require you to open an account with the broker where the Pamm account is held. We are operating with LQDFX since December 2016, after the new administration took place and recapitalized and completely revamped and re-branded LQDFX.
Established in late 2015, LQDFX has gone from strength-to-strength and has quickly positioned itself as one of the leaders in the FX industry, becoming award-winning on several occasions.
The support is outstanding and we are very happy with the experience with them. To get your account verified you will be required to upload an ID and Proof of Address to the broker for regulatory and KYC (Know Your CLient)/ legal purposes. We can assist and help you with a direct chat to the support of the broker and guide you with any issues you have. After this quick process you will have a private account with login and password that only you can access. Funding and withdrawing can only be made trough your private client portal. You will be able to to link your Investor account to the Master Pamm account that we will be managing and trading and a participation ratio will be assigned to you according to the total balance of the Master Pamm. Each investor will have a different participation and earn his rightful share of the overall profits generated.

To earn a fairly participation on the ESIR Investors Pamm account an initial starting amount of 2.000$ is recommended. However the minimum starting deposit is set at 200$.

Average investing plays a fundamental role in increasing your wealth but also to keep individual investors safe. Why is it even more important to keep average investing and avoid withdrawals during higher drawdown periods? Here is an official answer from the Pamm Team:
"An investor can still get stopped out regardless of how the master account may be financially, if their volume allocation risk ratio and their equity hits the stop out level of their account, then stop out will be triggered. If the master account is receiving new investors and you see the balance increasing, this does not mean that another clients investment, would protect another more so. As the open trades do not apply to the new investors, so therefore the volume allocation, does not change for the clients that are currently in the open trades, the risk therefore does not decrease. If a client was to reinvest in to their Investor account then this will play apart in protecting their open positions."

1# Register using this referral link http://track.lqdfx.com/?t=WxFydgpW and I'll be adding you to my ESIR Crypto Investors portfolio with a correlated participation of all fees generated. Make sure you create a Pamm Investor Account and provide the required KYC documents.

Check your email and confirm if your documents where accepted and you got fully verified.

This process may take one day or two.

2# Fund your private wallet account

3# Make an Internal Transfer to move funds from your Wallet to your Pamm Investor Account

4# Attach your Pamm Investor Account to the ESIR Investors Pamm account.

Check your email for confirmation. Make sure you connect with us on FaceBook and we will assist you on every step needed and answer all questions you have. Before Investing read the Whitepaper and how important it is to keep average investing over time.

#5 Keep working on the ESIR mindset (EARN-SAVE-INVEST-REPEAT), budgeting, compounding and average investing until you reach financial stability/freedom as soon as possible. Best of luck and happy investments.

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