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ESIR Investors gives you a unique opportunity to invest into managed trading accounts (PAMM services).

These accounts are designed for investors with limited time or trading experience yet still interested in investing in this exciting market. Long-term fund manager tailors your portfolio based on expected return/risk ratio.

PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) account is a managed account controlled by money managers. Individual investor's funds are aggregated into investment pool, to which Manager gets trading access. When the position is closed, the financial result is split among all participants in proportion to the original equity invested. The Manager receives a performance fee as a percentage of the fund realized profits, so only consistently profitable Managers are rewarded.

To participate, you will need to open an Investment Account where you can deposit and withdraw money. 

By subscribing to the PAMM account, your money will only be allocated to trades at the start of the trading period. Trading results within the PAMM scheme are the same for each investor into the fund and shared between investors in proportion to the equity at the start of the trading period. Investor can unsubscribe or withdraw some of the money, but that will be processed at the end of the trading period. When this process has been completed your funds will be credited to your Investment Account and will be available to withdraw or re-invest via the Client Area.

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